Tender ID:  12
Tender Name: Hire of Short Term Communications Expert
Reference Document: Terms of Reference and Notice of Supplementary Information
Open Date:  17 April 2015
Close Date:  4 May 2015
Required Pre-qualification  Not Applicable
Email Bids to:  Tender.Ocean_Comms@forumsec.org 
Email Queries to:

Ms Simone Stevenson - Ocean Management Officer at simones@forumsec.org 

Alternate Physical Delivery Address:

Pacific Island Forum Secretariat

Ratu Sakuna Rd



The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (Forum Secretariat) is seeking requests for proposals from a suitably qualified individual or communications company or relevant consortium to design and deliver an “Advocacy and Communication Strategy” for the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape (FPO).

A terms of reference can be downloaded here for bidders to consider when submitting proposals. Please click here to download the Notice of Suppliementary Information to the TOR.

Proposals are to be submitted via email Tender.Ocean_Comms@forumsec.org by 4 May 2015 with this subject line: Ocean Advocacy and Communications Strategy proposal.

A contract will be awarded and drafted for consideration by the successful bidder in accordance with the Forum Secretariat’s conditions for consultancy contracts.

It is estimated that the Services will commence on or before 14 May and that the scope of work will be delivered on a part time basis over a maximum period of four months.

For any service provider requiring clarification relating to the scope of work and submission of proposals or evaluation process, you may contact Ms. Simone Stevenson, Ocean Management Officer at simones@forumsec.org  or contact 3312600 ext 2276.


If you have any questions or would like any clarifications, please post a Comment below. We will post the reply here.


0 #6 Tender.Oceans_Comms 2015-06-15 03:47
Error in the document ‘Notice of Supplementary Information to the Terms of Reference’.

The criteria ‘Demonstrated experience and knowledge of consultation and advocacy methods appropriate to the Pacific region’ was incorrectly advertised as being weighted at 20%, when it should have been advertised as being weighted at 8%. This was due to a typing error in the document. The evaluation panel assessed the proposals against the correct weighting of 8%.

The evaluation panel considered the discrepancy and concluded that this error made no difference to the final rankings of the proposals.
0 #5 Tender.Ocean_Comms 2015-04-22 00:49
Question: I am in the process of responding to the Terms of Reference for the Advocacy and Communication Consultant and was wondering in terms of the scope if you are envisaging all the work to be completed remotely or if there is also a component that should be done face to face. It would be helpful to know a bit more around this for the project methodology and costing.

Answer: Please refer to the notice of supplementary information which should address your query along with other relevant information. Just to reiterate though, yes, one face to face trip to Suva, Fiji should be factored into your methodology and quote.
0 #4 Tender.Ocean_Comms 2015-04-22 00:47
Question: can you kindly send me more details on the scope of work and submission of proposals or evaluation process on the above subject?

Answer: Please refer to the tender Terms of Reference and Notice of Supplementary Information to the original terms of reference for further information on the evaluation process for this tender.
0 #3 Tender.Ocean_Comms 2015-04-22 00:44
Question by potential bidder: I am intending to submit a personal tender as a short term Communications Consultant and would like to request your direction to any information/documents regarding the Framework for Pacific Oceanscape and a description of the role of the Commissioner.

Answer: Please refer to the tender Terms of Reference and Notice of Supplementary Information to the original terms of reference. I would also point you to our website for further information regarding the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape, Pacific Ocean Commissioner and Pacific Ocean Alliance: http://www.forumsec.org/pages.cfm/strategic-partnerships-coordination/pacific-oceanscape/
0 #2 Tender.Ocean_Comms 2015-04-21 23:23
Question 2 by potential bidder: Are you able to give me an indication for the budget that you have for the work so I can price accordingly?

Answer: I am unable to give you a budget indication in dollars, but please see the supplementary information for further details on time commitments which may inform your quote development.
0 #1 Tender.Ocean_Comms 2015-04-21 23:22
Question by potential bidder : are you happy for the consultant that you hire to be based out of the UK where I am currently living?

Answer: We do not have any restrictions around the consultant working remotely, however this might have implications for the price you are able to quote, as the project should include at least one trip to Suva, Fiji for face-to face consultation (please see supplementary information). It will also be important to articulate in your proposal how you propose to address any challenges which may arise from working remotely.

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