Tender ID:  20
Tender Name:  Tender for Fire Suppressant System for the Secretariat Compound
Reference Document: NA
Open Date:  8.30am 28-09-2015
Close Date:  4pm 09-10-2015
Required Pre-qualification  Refer to information highlighted in Eligibility Criteria.
For further information and site inspections:

PropertyTender@forumsec.org ; Tender.Enquiries@forumsec.org 

Deliver Bids to:

 Bids should be addressed as follows:

"Tender for Fire Suppressant System"

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Private Mail Bag, Suva.

Bids must be dropped off at the Tenders Box at the Secretariat's reception.

Physical Delivery Address:

Reception, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva.


The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat invites written tenders for the provision of a Fire Suppressant system for the Secretariat Compound at  Ratu Sukuna Road.
Scope of Works
1.Carry out detailed site inspection;
2.Provide design & documentation for fire suppressant system; 
3.Provide expert advice training and guidance to Property Services and IT;
4.Provide installation Phase Observation, Review of Testing and Commissioning and provide final sign-off to the completed installation
5.Bi-annual Testing of system will be an on-going feature.
Technical Specifications:
The following technical requirements are recommended:
a.Installation of Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA) and seamless linking to current fire alarm system;
b.Auto Trigger and Manual Override function;
c.The use of Non-Water based fire suppressant solution for both the Server Room and Archives;
d.Gaseous fire suppressants are to use naturally occurring gases having zero ozone depletion potential, be environmentally neutral and should have no atmospheric lifetime;
e.It is electrically non-conductive, leaves no residue and, at the correct design concentration, is suitable for the protection of occupied areas;
f.Sealing of the Server Room;
g.Call-out capabilities to notify both Property Services staff, as well as IT Services staff and management;
h.Warranty, Back Up Service and Support 
i.Warranty for replacement of defective parts or modules or workmanship
ii.Availability of expert back up service to provide servicing for equipment.
Technical Evaluation / Bid Eligibility Criteria
a.The Bidder must have a minimum of 5 years experience of handling similar Fire Suppressant projects in Fiji.
   Documentary evidence will have to be submitted along with the technical bid;
b.The Bidder must quote from preferred brands and meet 100% specifications as laid out in bid documents; and
c.The Bidder must submit compliance to each and every technical specification asked in the tender along with the technical bid.
    All respective product literature should also be submitted.
d.All equipment must be covered under 12 months comprehensive warranty and bidders offering more will be welcomed.
Price Bid Format
Srl Item/Description Offered Brand Offered Model Qty Unit Cost less duty & VAT Total Fire Suppressant System Cost Less Duty & VAT
Tenders open from 0830hrs  on Monday 28th September 2015 and close at 1600 hrs on Friday 9th  October 2015 and should be addressed as follows and dropped off at the Tender’s Box at the Forum Secretariat reception:
Tender for Fire Suppression System
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Private Mail Bag
In the event that further information is required by the Secretariat in relation to the tender, the Secretariat reserves the right to seek the required information without the need for calling for resubmission of proposals.
Further Information
Requests for further information and site inspections should be addressed via e-mail Sakiasi Ditoka, Deputy Team Leader Property Services PropertyTender@forumsec.org ; Tender.Enquiries@forumsec.org or Ph. 3220209 or 999 8633.



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