Tender ID: T3/2016
Tender Name: Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) - Design and Delivery of a Non-State Actors (NSAs) Capacity Building Program for Engaging in Regional Policy
Reference Document: TOR 
Open Date:  15-03-2016
Close Date: revised to 14-04-2016
Required Pre-qualification Refer to TOR
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Bidders will email submissions entitled:

"Expression of Interest for NSA Capacity Building Program"

to  tenders.cso@forumsec.org  




Design and Delivery of a Non-State Actors (NSAs) Capacity Building Program for Engaging in Regional Policy

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) through the EU funded “Strengthening Non-State Actors Engagement in Regional Policy Development and Implementation Programme” is seeking submissions from reputable and suitably qualified/experience service providers for expression of interest for the design and delivery of a Non-State Actors (NSAs) Capacity Building Program for Engaging in Regional Policy.

The aims of the NSAs Capacity Building Program will be to:

  • Address NSAs capacity needs in a range of relevant technical areas required for effective policy engagement;
  • Increase participation and contribution of NSAs in effective regional policy dialogues and debate;
  • Develop NSA requisite competencies to carry out relevant public policy related engagements; and,
  • Up skill NSAs to engage effectively in public policy making process and or initiate policy development and implementation initiatives with national and regional relevance.

The expected outcomes of the NSAs Capacity Building Program are:

  • Increase in skills and capacities relating to policy engagement (advocacy, analysis, etc);
  • Regular/increased participation and contribution of NSAs in public policy debates, development and advice;
  • NSAs heightened confidence in regional policy engagements; and,
  • Ability of NSAs to influence regional policy priorities pertinent to their constituents.

A Terms of Reference on the NSA Capacity Building Program can be downloaded here.

Expressions of interest are sought for two distinct roles:

a. Training module development and delivery
b. Program coordination

Applications will be received for individuals, organisations, or academic institutions.

Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

Applicants interested in module development are asked to prepare a short document (2 pages) outlining:

  • Proposed topic/s for module development
  • Proposed methodology for module delivery (conceptual summary only)
  • Experience in training/capacity building and direct experience relating to the chosen topic/s
  • Estimated costs for module design, production of any resource materials and delivery of module/s
  • Resources required and capacity to deliver

Note: Respondents planning to utilize existing materials are welcome to attach these in support of their submission.

Applicants interested in program coordination are asked to prepare a short document (2 pages) outlining:

  • Experience relating to development and/or delivery of capacity building programs for NSAs, particularly with any ‘Train the Trainer’ programs
  • Understanding of regional policy processes
  • Experience coordinating and working with a range of NSAs
  • Concept of how you would approach this task
  • Estimated cost for delivery (over course of one year)

Note: Respondents should attach their CV.

Submissions should be entitled: Expression of Interest for NSA Capacity Building Program

To: tenders.cso@forumsec.org 

Deadline for Submissions: revised to 14th April 2016 (opening will be on 15th April at 9am – all submissions received overnight on 14th will be accepted)

Any complaints regarding the Secretariat’s tenders must be directed to the following email - Tender.Complaints@forumsec.org This email address will forward your complaint to a person that is independent and removed from the tender process. Complaints must be well founded and should not be used as a mechanism for notifying displeasure with the outcome of a tender award.


Evaluation Criteria

The following weightings will be used to evaluate the submissions:

Module Development Criteria %
Proposed topic for module development 10%
Methodology for module delivery 20%
Relevant experience 30%
Costs 20%
Resources and capacity to deliver 20%


Program Coordination Criteria %
Understanding of regional policy process 10%
Experience in coordinating and working with NSAs 20%
Program coordination concept 20%
Costs 20%
Experience in capacity building program development or design (particularly with any "Train the Trainer" program) 30%




If you have any questions or would like any clarifications, please post a Comment below. We will post the reply here.


0 #4 Tender.Enquiries 2016-04-07 23:23
Question from Potential Bidder 2:
We are interested in registering an Expression of Interest, but before doing so would appreciate an indicative budget for this Project.

Answer: The indicative budget for this project is FJD 250,000. This should cover all costs associated with module development, and delivery over the period August 2016 to August 2017. It does not need to cover venue hire, travel and accommodation for participants for the August 2016 and August 2017 events, but should include costs of any communications and support between these two ‘face-to-face’ activities (i.e. from September 2016 to July 2017) e.g. webinars, teleconferencing etc.
0 #3 Tender.Enquiries 2016-04-07 23:22
Question 4 from Potential Bidder 1

Q4. What sort of policy engagement are you looking at getting them involved with - is it agriculture, fisheries and environment/climate change type policy or more likely trade, transport, industry related?

Answer: The focus should be on generic skills that will strengthen capacities to engage in and influence policy dialogue in any thematic area. Modules should not be specific to one thematic area in particular, although it is anticipated that exercises, examples or case studies would/could focus on particular issues or thematic areas.
0 #2 Tender.Enquiries 2016-04-07 23:21
Question 3 from Potential Bidder 1

Q3. What is driving the need for this program? What is the gap and why the need to upskill NSAs?

Answer: This initiative is part of a broader programme ‘Strengthening Non-State Actor Engagement in Regional Policy Development and Implementation’ funded by the European Union and implemented by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. The Description of Action (http://forumsec.org/pages.cfm/strategic-partnerships-coordination/nsa-engagement/strengthening-non-state-actors-engagement-in-regional-policy-development-implementation-programme.html ) provides the context for the program objectives and design. Recent surveys and consultations with NSAs have identified the gaps listed as ‘Proposed Topics’ in Section 5 of the Terms of Reference.
0 #1 Tender.Enquiries 2016-04-07 23:20
Questions 1 and 2 from Potential Bidder 1:

Q1. In terms of scope - how many people are you thinking will be involved in the program and who do you think will most likely be interest in it?

Answer: In terms of participants we expect 30-40. We hope to get at least 2 participants from each of the Forum Island Countries, plus some representatives from regionally focused NSAs.

Q2. How many modules are you budgeting for? We have at least 5 we would put forward for the entire program, but it is unclear what you are expecting here.

Answer: The expectation is 3-5, although this depends on the proposed scope, design, cost and format of the modules. Some flexibility remains to tailor the package based on the outcomes of this EOI. The indicative budget may provide some guidance.

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