Tender ID: T15/2016
Tender Name: Provision of Training Programmes 2016-2018
Reference Document:  TOR  
Open Date: 13-07-2016
Close Date: 5pm 10-08-2016 (Fiji time and date)
Required Pre-qualification Refer to TOR
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Submission must be forwarded in PDF format following the instructions at www.tenders.net/forumsec  

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Request for Tender

Provision of Training Programmes 2016-2018

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) is seeking submissions from reputable and suitably qualified/experienced service providers to express their interest in the provision of training programmes for its staff.

Unless otherwise specified, all training is to take place in Suva, Fiji between August 2016 and July 2018.


Successful bidders of this tender will be placed in a pool of preferred providers for the provision of training services specified in these Terms of Reference. This pool of preferred providers will be in place for three years. Providers in this pool will be invited throughout that three year period to bid through a closed tender process for the respective training that they have been chosen for.

Please refer to the Terms of Reference for a more detailed description.


Instructions for applicants

Applicants interested in this role are asked to prepare a short document (2 pages) outlining:

(i) Experience relating to coordination and/or facilitation of training programmes;

(ii) Experience working with a diverse range of people, cultures, etc;

(iii) Content of your training programme(s);

(iv) Estimated lead time required and cost to deliver programmes in Fiji.

Note: Respondents should attach their CV.

(v) Submissions should be entitled:

Request for Tender – Provision of Training Programmes 2016-2018

Pacific Islands Forum

Private Mail Bag

Suva, Fiji

(vi) Method of Submissions:

Submissions must be forwarded in PDF format following the instructions at: www.tenders.net/forumsec

*All interested bidders will need to register at www.tenders.net/forumsec

(vii) Deadline for Submissions:

Submissions need to reach the Secretariat by 5pm (Fiji time) on Wednesday, 10 August 2016.

Late or incomplete tenders will not be considered.

For queries or request for information please click here

Note: The Secretariat will not be responsible for non-receipt/non-delivery of the Bid documents due to any reason whatsoever.

Any complaints regarding the Secretariat’s tender must be directed to the following email: Tender.Complaints@forumsec.org . This email address will forward your complaint to a person that is independent and removed from the tender process. Complaints must be well founded and should not be used as a mechanism for notifying displeasure with the outcome of a tender award.

In the event that further information is required by the Secretariat in relation to the tender for consultancy, the Secretariat reserves the right to seek the required information without the need for calling for resubmission of proposal 

If you have any questions or would like any clarifications, please post a Comment below. We will post the reply here.


0 #9 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 06:06
Question: Potential Bidder 5 cont'd
Will it be possible to state at least the hours of each training.

Ans:Please refer to the Terms of Reference for a guide on what a typical training day would look like.
The shorter the training programmes can be the better for us. Therefore any standard/general training will require innovation and creativity to make them relevant to our context.
0 #8 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 05:48
Question: Potential Bidder 5
Kindly requesting if we could be facilitated with the following information;

Focus 1: Organisational Competency, Focus 2: Management Competency, Focus 3: Individual Competency
No of days for each training
No of staff for each training

Ans: Our situation is that it is difficult to get staff away from their busy schedules to attend training. Getting staff to attend 1 day of training is difficult enough and getting staff to attend 3 consecutive days of training is almost impossible and not very practical for staff at the Secretariat.

We have not specified the number of days or staff per training. We expect trainers to design programmes to meet our circumstances and be as effective as possible.
0 #7 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 04:45
Question Potential Bidder 4 cont'd
4. Our submission is currently 3 pages long. Is this acceptable?
5. For 'Content of your training programme(s)', what is the Secretariat looking for? Is it sufficient to list 5 or so dot points that outline the content the training will cover or do you require more detail in relation to the way the training may be delivered?
6. Will the Secretariat accept examples of past work (agendas, session plans etc.) to support the submission?
Ans:4. 3 pages is acceptable.
5. We have only requested 2 pages as this is the first stage. In the second stage we will ask successful training providers to compete through a closed tender process. At this stage a general description of programme, lessons/learning prioritised and anything which gives your programme a competitive edge is fine. If you think you can do it in 5 dot points that would be super.
6. Just hyperlinks to the examples will do.
0 #6 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 04:31
Question: Potential Bidder 4
Please provide answers for following.
1. For item 'cost to deliver programmes in Fiji.', what currency does the Secretariat want the costs provided in? (USD, FJD)
2. Does the Secretariat want
a) a daily consultant rate
b) an all inclusive cost (estimated airfares, accommodation, per diems and work days),
c) or just the cost of the work days, to prepare & deliver the training (including estimate for printing of resources)?
3. In relation to question 2 above, does the Secretariat want a breakdown of these costs or just a lump sum cost based on a scenario of a 1 or 3 day training programme?
Ans:1.Costs to be provided in FJD.
2. The Secretariat would like an indication of all inclusive cost (estimated airfares, accommodation, per diems and work days).
3. Please give us the bottom line cost to the Secretariat. To help us understand these costs a breakdown with scenarios will help.
0 #5 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 03:58
Question: Potential Bidder 3 Seek clarification on following:
1. Will a venue hire fee need to be budgeted for.
2.If catering is done using Secretariat’s contracted caterers. Will this need to be budgeted for?If so, please provide charges for using the contracted caterers.
3.For costing would the tender require a detailed cost breakdown or cost per participant and total cost be sufficient.
Ans:1.If the Secretariat’s premises are available no venue hire fee applies.However, note that having the training outside the Secretariat reduces the risk of losing participants before training completion.
2.Trainers need to budget for catering. If training is held on the premises the Secretariat’s contracted caterers will have to be used. If held outside, charges vary. $35-40 per person per day should be sufficient to cover charges for using the Secretariat’s contracted caterers.
3. For costing, the total cost is sufficient although a cost breakdown would be better.
0 #4 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 02:42
Question 2 - Potential Bidder 1
Could you also please advise what is the preferred duration for these topics? I read that it will be 1 to 3 days but it was not indicated if this should be based on supplier’s recommendations or based on you participants’ roles/team’s requirements/number of hands-on activities your organisation would like to include?
Ans:We are looking for something between 1 to 3 days maximum.

Training providers should decide the content and number of hands-on activities suitable to deliver the results, how they break the training up for best effect, etc. We have different levels of staff as well so training providers decide also on the target audience of their programmes eg Policy Analysis for new graduates or for the experienced Adviser, Time Management Skills for everyone, etc .For training providers based outside Fiji, they will also need to consider how everyone gets the best value out of a training trip into Fiji.
0 #3 Tender.enquiries 2016-08-01 02:34
Question - Potential Bidder 2
We would like to obtain more details on the type of training programmes that are being sought under the subject tender so that we can better assist clients of ours in Canada that may consider filing a submission in response to the request for tender.

Ans:More details on the type of training programmes that are being sought can be found in the Terms of Reference. They are divided into three main focus areas and examples are as follows:
Focus 1: Organisational Competency • Strategic Thinking • Policy Analysis • Policy Development • Negotiation Skills • Mediation Skills • Diplomacy Skills
Focus 2: Management Competency • Planning Skills • Priority Setting Skills • Measuring Performance Skills • Quality Decision Making Skills • Delegating Skills
Focus 3: Individual Competency • Time Management Skills • Communicating Effectively – Writing & Presentation Skills
0 #2 Tender.enquiries 2016-07-31 23:40
Q.1 cont'd - Potential Bidder 1
Also, I would like to find out if someone could discuss about learning objectives for each topic listed?

Ans: We recommend that training providers use the Lominger Competencies as a guide, in particular “FYI – A Guide for Development and Coaching”. We also expect learning objectives to be relevant to the nature of our work at the Secretariat and best practice used by similar and/or relevant organisations. For eg, we are expecting that objectives will be useful for information users/analysts in a policy development environment. We are not looking for courses delivered to industrial/manufacturing businesses.

With reference to effective writing, it is the kind of writing that helps with strategic and policy analysis, policy development, writing that enables the desired effect. We would expect participants coming out of the writing training more confident in their ability to write for different audiences.
0 #1 Tender.enquiries 2016-07-31 23:16
Question 1 from Potential Bidder 1
I would like to check if your organisation would be interested to source training providers in Australia, if yes, are travel and accommodation fees will be covered for selected trainers/facilitators? If yes, please let us know what are inclusions?

Answer: We are very interested in sourcing training providers from Australia and other countries outside Fiji. Costs of travel and accommodation and any other cost training providers feel are necessary to include have to be factored into their charges/quotes. For us as the customer, we are interested in the final (bottom-line) cost to the Secretariat – feel free to break down your costing to help build our understanding.

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