Tender No.   Tender Name Type Awarded Date Awarded to

 RFT - Tender for Travel Service Provider

Open -  Multi Stage 7 March 2016
  • House of Travel (Welllington Ltd TA Orbit World Travel (NZ)
  • Australian OPCO Pty Ltd TA Corporate Traveller (Australia)
  • Macquarie Travelworld Services Ltd (Fiji)
2/2015   RFT - Publishing of 2014 PIFS Annual Report  Closed - Single stage February 2015  Pasifika Communications Ltd
3/2015  RFT - Supply of Laptops Open - Single Stage 3 June 2015 

 DATEC Fiji Ltd

 4/2015  RFT - Technical Assistance on Trade Policy Matters  Open - Single stage 14 April 2015

 Dr Andrea Giacomelli

 5/2015  RFT - Building 17 Maintenance  Closed  March  2015  Jai Moti Builders
6/2015  RFT - Cabling System for PIFS Closed 7 July 2016  Info Sys Fiji Limited
7/2015  RFT - Short Term Media Consultant Open- Single stage Tender Withdrawn  Tender Withdrawn
8/2015  RFT - Multi-Media Consultant - PITAP Open - Single stage Tender Withdrawn  Tender Withdrawn
9/2015  RFT - 2015 CROP Triennial Remuneration Review Open- Single stage 22 April 2015  Aon Hewitt
10/2015  RFT - Technical Consultant for Forum Compact Development  Partner Review Open - Single stage 15 April 2015  Garry Wiseman
11/2015  RFT - review of SIS Programme Unit - PIFS Open - Single stage 28 April 2015  Bruce Chapman
12/2015  RFT - Hire of Short Term Communicaitons Expert Open - Single stage 3 June 2015  Peaceworks Pty Ltd
13/2015  RFT - Wireless Microphone System for Ryoichi Jinnai Conference  Centre
Open - Single Stage  To Be Advised  Dragon Music Ltd
 14/2015  RFT - Cafeteria Operation Open - Single Stage  To Be Advised  Cafe 30 Limited
 15/2015  RFT - Security Camera for Secretariat Compound Open - Single Stage  10 December 2015  Neo-Tech Solutions
16/2015  RFT -  Supply of Mobile Services Closed 26 September 2016  Vodafone Fiji Limited
17/2015  RFT - NSA Tender for Capacity Assessment of Grant  Applications Closed 9 September 2015
18/2015  EOI - Preferred Supplier List Open Tender - Single Stage   To be Advised  To be Advised - Decision Pending
19/2015  RFT - Review of Regional Meetings Closed Tender Withdrawn  Tender Withdrawn
20/2015  RFT - 2015 Tracking the Effectiveness of Development Efforts  Report Closed June 2015  John Winter
21/2015  RFP - Forum Secretariat Staff Insurance Open Tender - Multi Stage  Tender Cancelled and Withdrawn 18 December 2015  Tender Cancelled and Withdrawn  18 December 2015
22/2015  RFT - Fire Suppressant System for the Secretariat Compound Open Tender - Single Stage To Be Advised   To Be Advised - Decision Pending
23/2015  RFT - Tender for Storage and High Availability Solution Closed  To Be Advised   To Be Advised - Decision Pending
24/2015  EOI - Request for Expression of Interest for Audio and Video  Conference  Open Tender - Single Stage To Be Advised    To Be Advised - Decision Pending
25/2015  RFT - Firewall Solution Closed  TBA   GEM IT 
26/2015  RFT - Consultancy Services for Publication of the Australia  Forum Compact Peer Review Report  Closed Tender Withdrawn   Tender Withdrawn
27/2015  EOI - Regional Coordinator - IC PREPPFIS/RCU/CON01  Open Tender - Single Stage Contract Negotiations   Contract Negotiations

Tender No.   Tender Name Type Awarded Date Awarded to

 RFT - Tender for Preferred Supplier(s) and Supply of Laptops  and Computer Peripherals

Open -  Single Stage 13 October 2016

 VT Solutions Fiji Limited

2/2016   RFT - Supply and Implementation of a Telecommunications  Solution  Closed - Single stage 24 May 2017
 3/2016  EOI - Design and Delivery of a Non-State Actors (NSAs)  Capacity Building Program for Engaging in Public Policy Open - Multi stage 

6 June 2016 

21 July 2016

  • Heather Clarke Consulting
  • Carol Young       

 4/2016  RFT - Audit of Assistance towards increasing the rate of Pacific  Islands ratification and implementation of Human Rights Treaties  2011/276-198  Closed - Single stage 26 May 2016 
  • PwC
  • KPMG
  • KPMG
 5/2016  EOI - Consultancy to develop a detailed regional situation and  response analysis on cervical cancer in the Pacific  Open - Single stage 13 May 2016   FNU/Dr. Neel Nilesh
6/2016  RFT - Design and Facilitation - Regional Society Forum Open - Single stage 8 June 2016  Dr. Julian Prior
7/2016  RFT - Technical Assistance to Support PACPS on Trade Policy  Engagement and Aid for Trade Open- Single stage 19 September 2016  Dr. James Gosselin
8/2016  RFT - Publishing of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat 2015  Annual Report Closed - Single stage 7 June 2016  Oceanic Communications Limited  (Fiji)
9/2016  RFT - Analysis of Governance & Financing for the Pursuit of  Pacific Regionalism Open- Single stage

20 June 2016

26 June 2016


  • The Pacific Institute of Public Policy  
  • Tess Newton Cain
10/2016 RFT - Review of CROP Charter Open - Single stage 20 September 2016  Garry Wiseman
11/2016 RFT - Primary Internet Link with SLA for PIFS Open - Single stage TBA  In contracting stage
12/2016  RFT - Production of the PT&I 2015 Annual Report Closed - Single stage 24 August 2016  Pasifika Communications Limited
13/2016  RFT - PIFS Website Re-development Open - Multi Stage  31 Mar 2017
 14/2016  RFT - Manual Security Guard Services Open - Single Stage  In contracting stages   In contracting stages
 15/2016  RFT - Provision of Training Programmes 2016-2018  Open - Multi Stage  Stage 1 completed on 15 December 2016

Stage 1 completed and stage 2 on-going .

Unsuccessful bidders and pool of 21 selected preferred suppliers notified.

16/2016  RFT -  Video Conferencing with Warranty Options for PIFS Cancelled Cancelled
17/2016  RFT - Consultancy to Review the Pacific Education Development  Framework (PEDF)  Open - Multi Stage  7 December 2016
 Peaceworks Pty Ltd
18/2016  RFT - Design/Layout and Printing of Pacfic Leaders Gender  Equality Declaration Closed - Single Stage   16 September 2016  Positive Space
19/2016  RFT - Forum Secretariat Staff Insurance Open - Multi Stage  Cancelled 15 December 2016  Cancelled 15 December 2016
20/2016  RFT - Forum Secretariat Printing Tender To be Advised   Call for Tender will be issued in 2017.  Call for Tender will be issued in 2017.
21/2016  RFT - Audit of NSA Programme  Closed - Single Stage  22 December 2016  KPMG
22/2016  RFT - Consultancy to Develop a Regional Programme to  promote and protect Human Rights for all and progress Gender  Equality and Civil Society Engagement in Governance Practices Open - Single Stage  20 October 2016  Ernst & Young
23/2016  RFT - Finance and Management Capacity/Assessment of Grant  Applicants Closed  07 December 2016  PricewaterhouseCoopers
24/2016  RFT - Provision of Technical Advice and Report on Fisheries Issues to the Forum Secretariat for Engagement in the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Taskforce Open - Single Stage 21 December 2016  Pelto & Reschke
25/2016 RFT - Individual Trade Consultant (Trade Policy and Aid for Trade) Open - Single Stage  23 March 2017
Dr Andrea Giacomelli
26/2016 RFT - Ocean Analyst Consultant with the office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner Open - Single Stage TBA TBA
27/2016 RFT - Consultancy on Blending and Investment Open - Single Stage 09 February 2017 Ernst & Young
28/2016 RFT - Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Non State Actor (NSA) Programme Open - Single Stage TBA TBA
29/2016 RFT - Consultancy to develop a Communications and Visibility Strategy for the Office of the Regional Authorisng Officer Open - Single Stage 10 February 2017 Pasifika Collective Charitable Trust
30/2016 RFT - Consultancy to Review Priority Area 1 - Regional Economic Integration of the 11th EDF Pacific Regional Indicative Programme (PRIP) Open - Single Stage 09 February 2017 Landell Mills
31/2016 RFT - Consultancy to develop a Pacific - EU Waste Management Project Open - Single Stage Cancelled 03 February 2017 Cancelled 03 February 2017
32/2016 RFT - Independent External Audits of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat for years ending December 31 2016,2017 & 2018 Open - Single Stage 31 March 2017
33/2016 RFT - Supervisory and Facilitation Support - NSA Capacity Buidling Program Open - Single Stage 22 February 2017
Gina Houng Lee
34/2016 RFT - Independent External Audits of the Pacific Trade & Invest Network for years ending December 31 2016,2017 & 2018 Open - Single Stage 14 July 2017
35/2016 RFT - Audits of Donor Projects for Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat for years ending December 31 2016,2017 & 2018 Open - Multi Stage 27 February 2017

Preferred auditors identified


Tender ID:  9
Tender Name: 2015 CROP Triennial Remuneration Review 
Reference Document: Terms of Reference 
Open Date:  20-03-2015
Close Date:  extended to 11.59pm (Fiji time) 09-04-2015
Required Pre-qualification  Not Applicable
Email Bids to:  Tender.CROPHWG@forumsec.org 
Alternate Physical Delivery Address:

Pacific Island Forum Secretariat

Ratu Sakuna Rd



Request for Expressions of Interest

A Consultant or team of Consultants is required to review the remuneration arrangements for participating regional organisations as follows:

  • Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency;
  • Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat;
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community; and
  • Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme.

The process needs to be highly consultative with key stakeholders being staff and senior management of the respective agencies. To carry out this task the Consultant would be advantaged if they had good facilitation skills, strong human resource management background, strong understanding of organisational development as well as experience in undertaking similar exercises.

Our timeframes are tight – we need to start this process as soon as possible and have it completed by late-May. If you think you are the right person (or organisation) for this consultancy, please forward to us an expression of interest outlining your relevant experience, a summary of the approach you would take to complete the assignments and an indication of your pricing structure.

The Terms of Reference can be downloaded here. Any requests for additional information (if required) should be posted using the comments facility below.

Expressions of interest should be sent to Tender.CROPHWG@forumsec.org

The deadline for applications has been extended to 23.59 (Fiji time) Thursday 09 April 2015.

If you have any questions or would like any clarifications, please post a Comment below. We will post the reply here.

Tender ID:  19
Tender Name: Request for Proposal - Forum Secretariat Staff Insurance
Reference Document: Request for Proposal Document
Open Date:  8.30am 28-09-2015
Close Date:  11.59pm 08-10-2015
Required Pre-qualification  Refer to information highlighted in Request for Proposal Document
For further information:


Deliver Bids by Email to:



The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat requests interested insurance providers for proposals for the provision of insurance coverage for staff under the following broad categories:

• Term Life;
• Personal Accident;
• Medical; and
• Travel.


The Secretariat currently takes out insurance covers for employees as described above. All insurance covers are due to expire on 31 December 2015.

The insurance coverage should be one that is inclusive of all staff and dependents, including those with pre-existing conditions.

Interested parties must provide evidence to support their ability to provide the products, value for money service and contact details of referees.

Further Information

Further information on the Request for Proposal document should be requested via Tender.STAFFINSURANCE@forumsec.org .

Proposals should be submitted by email to Tender.STAFFINSURANCE@forumsec.org  before 11.59 pm Suva time on Thursday, 8th October 2015.

Tender ID:  14
Tender Name:  Request for Proposal - Cafeteria Operation
Reference Document: Request for Proposal Document
Open Date:  13-05-2015
Close Date:  4.30pm 29-05-15
Required Pre-qualification  Refer to RFP Document
Email Bids to:  PropertyTender@forumsec.org 
Email Queries to: Tender.Enquiries@forumsec.org 
Physical Delivery Address:

RFP - Cafeteria Operation,


Pacific Island Forum Secretariat

Ratu Sakuna Rd




The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat seeks a suitably qualified cafeteria operator to manage and operate a small Caféteria located within the Secretariat Head Quarters at Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva.

General Information
1. The Secretariat has a total of 98 staff based at its Head Quarters and hosts an average of 40-50 meetings a year with a range of participants from 10-100 at any one time.

2. A full day meeting includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

3. Depending on the meeting organisers and the type of meetings held, the Secretariat also hosts cocktail functions to compliment the meetings where refreshments and cocktail food servings are also provided in the evenings.

4. In addition, the Secretariat Staff also need to have a cafeteria provider to provide coffee, food & refreshments during working hours from 9.30am to 4.00pm Mondays to Fridays.

Service Information

The details of the services to be provided is contained in the Request for Proposal document which could be obtained from Property Services office at Ratu Sukuna Road, Suva between 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday or downloaded here or requested via e-mail: PropertyTender@forumsec.org 

The RFP should include the following:-
• Evidence of the applicant’s experience in the management and operation of a food outlet preferably in an urban setting within the last 3 years;
• Evidence of a suitably qualified food safety measures and capable staffing to promote and perform the services to a high standard;
• Evidence of their financial capacity and capability to perform catering services; and
• Proposed rental price.

Registrants must note that some investment will be required prior to commencement of the Services.

Proposals must outline the plan for the following main services;
• Operation of a Coffee shop that produces good quality coffee
• Operation of a Sandwich /Food Bar to cater for staff and visitors
• Provide Catering for meetings and functions held at the Secretariat compound.

Applications should be addressed to the Secretary General, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Private Mail Bag, Suva and must be submitted by 4.30 pm Friday 29 May, 2015 and marked “RFP-Cafeteria Operation”. Before submitting proposals, applicants must first read and understand all the requirements as stipulated in the RFP document. Electronic submissions may be made by e-mail to PropertyTender@forumsec.org

To be eligible, Registrants must be Fiji nationals or Own a catering business in Fiji.

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages both men and women to apply.

Member States of the Pacific Islands Forum: Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.


If you have any questions or would like any clarifications, please post a Comment below. We will post the reply here.