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Tender Name: Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Political and Regional Treaties on Trade
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Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Political Regional Treaties on Trade


The adoption by Forum Leaders of the 2014 Framework for Pacific Regionalism has ignited a renewed commitment by Leaders to increase socio-economic and development prospects, expand market opportunities, improve service delivery, and contribute to security and good governance for Pacific peoples and for the region as-a-whole.


An assessment of what is happening across the Pacific region (tracking integration) is required through a dynamic and evolving tool that tracks countries ‘regional economic and social cooperation’ overall and by priority areas. By identifying the particular strengths and gaps by means of regional integration through perhaps five proposed dimensions to monitor implementation progress and changes over time, will assist Forum Island Countries in making informed decisions on various aspects of regional integration and enable targeted regional cohesive actions that fosters regional solidarity.

Over recent decades, regional integration has been put forth as a strategy for sustained growth and inclusive development, these includes the regions of Africa and Asia where they have instituted numerous initiatives and policies to achieve shared goals through deeper regional integration. There have also been some efforts to monitor and evaluate the countries’ progress against these set goals.

However, lack of indicators that are result-focused, comprehensive enough to capture multiple dimensions of regional integration have limited our regions’ ability to understand the regional integration dynamics, assess progress and provide cohesive political direction. To address this deficiency, the PIFS is requiring the technical services of a consortium of consultants to develop a Conceptual Framework for a ‘Pacific Regional Economic Integration Index’, PRII, and propose options for the dimensions and indicators that can be utilized to assess the state of regional integration for individual economies and their sub-regional groups in various aspects of integration, identify strengths and weaknesses, and allowing policy makers to track progress in a comprehensive and systematic way.

Scope of Work

To develop a dynamic and evolving Pacific-specific monitoring and evaluation framework that tracks/monitors as well as identifies how the region and countries are doing on regional economic integration overall (in terms of implementation progress and changes overtime) and by priority areas. The framework will aim to be accessible, comprehensive, practical and results-focused. If possible, other human development indicators will also be proposed for inclusion to enable a more robust evaluation tool that captures performance from a broader development standpoint. It’s expected to complement relevant regional indicators in the Pacific Regional SDG and contribute towards the development of the Framework for Pacific Regionalism M&E Framework.

For more details, please refer to the specifications set out under the Terms of Reference (TOR) document which can be downloaded from www.tenders.net/forumsec.


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Request for Tender - Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Political Regional Treaties on Trade

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Questions and Answers

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In the event that further information is required by the Secretariat in relation to the tender for consultancy, the Secretariat reserves the right to seek the required information without the need for calling for resubmission of proposals.


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