Tender ID: T.1/2018
Tender Name: Design and Facilitation - Regional Civil Society Forum 2018
Reference Document:  The Terms of Reference (ToR) can be downloaded from www.tenders.net/forumsec
Open Date: 18-01-2018
Close Date: 4pm 02-02-2018 (Fiji time and date)
Required Pre-qualification Refer to ToR
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Submission must be forwarded in PDF format following the instructions at www.tenders.net/forumsec  

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Design and Facilitation - Regional Civil Society Forum 2018

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) through the EU funded “Strengthening Non-State Actors Engagement in Regional Policy Development and Implementation Programme” is seeking submissions from reputable and suitably qualified/experienced service providers to provide design and facilitation services for the Regional Civil Society Organization Forum to take place in Suva, Fiji in March 2018. The role is a short term engagement specifically for the facilitation of the event in March with some preparatory tasks in coordinating event design.

Key tasks include:
• Event program design, in consultation with stakeholders
• Facilitation of the CSO Forum and associated events
• Coordination support for linked activities.

Please refer to the Terms of Reference (ToR) which can be downloaded from www.tenders.net/forumsec for a more detailed description.

1. Budget

A sum of up to FJD$15, 000 is set aside for this short term role. An appropriate fee will be negotiated with the successful applicant.

2. Instructions for applicants

Applicants interested in this role are asked to complete the technical offer template outlining:

- Experience relating to coordination and/or facilitation of CSO Events
- Understanding of regional policy processes
- Experience working with a diverse range of CSOs
- Concept of how you would approach this task with specific plans around (1) consultation on processes – selection, agenda setting; (2) design; and (3) facilitation)
- Estimated input time required over the period 19 February – 30 March 2018.

Applicants are also to complete the financial offer template outlining:
- Cost breakdown against the proposed activities up to F$15,000.00.

Note: Respondents should attach their CV (2 pages maximum).

Submissions should be entitled: Request for Tender – Facilitation of Regional Civil Society Organization Forum 2018

Method of Submissions:

Submissions must be forwarded in PDF format following the instructions at www.tenders.net/forumsec

Note: Tenders must be submitted with clear labelling of the technical offer and the financial offer. The Technical Offer documents must be saved and submitted clearly labelled “A. Technical Offer”. Financial Offer documents must be saved and submitted clearly labelled “B. Financial Offer”.

The electronically submitted documents should be converted to the PDF format.

Deadline for Submissions:

Submissions need to reach the Secretariat by Friday, 2nd February 2018, 4.00pm Fiji Time.

Late or incomplete tenders will not be considered.

Questions and Answers

All queries or request for information must be submitted via the Question and Answer Forum at www.tenders.net/forumsec . Tenderers may submit questions in writing to the mentioned Question and Answer Forum before the stated “deadline for requesting clarifications” Wednesday, 31st January 2018. The Secretariat has no obligation to provide clarification after this date.

Note: The Secretariat will not be responsible for non-receipt/non-delivery of the Bid documents due to any reason whatsoever.

Any complaints regarding the Secretariat’s tender must be directed to the following email: Tender.Complaints@forumsec.org. This email address will forward your complaint to a person that is independent and removed from the tender process. Complaints must be well founded and should not be used as a mechanism for notifying displeasure with the outcome of a tender award. Further information on making a complaint can be found on the Policies & Information page at http://tenders.forumsec.org.

In the event that further information is required by the Secretariat in relation to the tender for consultancy, the Secretariat reserves the right to seek the required information without the need for calling for resubmission of proposals.



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